Fallbrook Food Pantry Thanks All Those Who Supported the Walk/Run to Feed the Hungry!
 Saturday, November 15, 2008
Thursday, November 27th, 2008.
Issue 48, Volume 12. Fallbrook Village News

The volunteers at the Fallbrook Food Pantry wish to thank all those who helped to make our Thanksgiving fundraiser walk/run a great success. We estimate the number of walkers or runners to have been between 225 and 250 and we received over $7,000 for our efforts. Well done, Fallbrook!

We especially want to thank one of our Food Pantry board members, Young Milton, who visited several of our local schools, encouraging all to participate. Special thanks also to Josh Way, ASB advisor at Fallbrook High School, for organizing an art contest to select the turkey design for the shirts. Josh invited the school’s baseball team and a group of ASB student representatives to come and support the community event.

Senior patrol volunteers directed traffic and kept our walkers and runners safe along Main Avenue. We thank them for the outstanding job they did.

Major Market provided water for all the walkers. Water was handed out at the turnaround area by board member Alice Saunders and neighbors Joe and Audey Fahey. Volunteers from the Food Pantry handed out drinks, fruit and rolls to all participants.

The community truly came together in a meaningful way to support the efforts of the Fallbrook Food Pantry in helping those in our own town who need a hand in providing food for their families. Thank you, Fallbrook.